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Will a judge change a prenup during a divorce?

My wife and I signed a prenup before marrying seven years ago. We are now in the process of divorcing and our financial circumstances are very different than when we got married. At that time, both of us had lower incomes and we owned no property in our own name. After our marriage, my wife started an online teaching business and it has done very well. It’s incorporated in her name only. In the prenup we both waived any rights to any property the other acquired in their own name. That is no longer fair because I supported her the entire time she was starting the business and paid all the bills until the business began earning her money. Can I ask the judge to modify the prenup as part of our divorce and allow me my fair share of the value of her business? Is this something I have to ask for in the divorce petition?
Published on 03/08/21
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