Anton Karpov

Attorney Anton Alexander Karpov, obtained his Juris Doctor degree from Moscow State University in 1999 and his advanced Master of Laws degree from Law

  • Criminal Law
  • Domestic Violence
  • DUI and DWI
  • Expungement
  • Juvenile Justice

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Do I need a U.S. or Russian lawyer for a prenup agreement?

My fiancé and I are dual citizens of Russia and the U.S. We are going to be getting married in Russia but then moving for at least some time to Charlotte, VA for my first work assignment. I have property in Russia that I inherited from my grandparents and I want my fiancé to sign a prenup agreeing that she won’t try to take that property if our marriage is not successful. Because we are marrying in Russia, do I need a Russian lawyer to draft this type of agreement, or should a U.S. lawyer do it since we’ll be living there? If I do need a Russian or international lawyer, how do I find one with experience in prenuptial agreement drafting?
Published on 03/08/21
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What are my rights as a father in a child custody case?

I’m battling for equal custody of my 10 year old daughter and it seems that at every court hearing the judge has a preference for giving custody to her mother. I thought I had the same rights to custody as the mother but that doesn’t seem to be the case. The judge even asked me at the first temporary hearing how I thought I’d be able to handle my daughter’s needs as she gets older. I am just as good of a parent as the mother, probably better. Do I have equal rights as the father and can I get shared custody? Is there some preference that courts have in Virginia for awarding custody of children to the mother, especially if the child is a girl? What do I have to show to a judge to prove that I can parent my daughter as well as her mother can?
Published on 03/08/21
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