Nazly Mamedova

Ms. Mamedova practices the immigration law of the United States of America, (family, employment and asylum) and offers legal support to the immigrant

  • Immigration Law

Anna A. Korneeva

Anna is a Russian-speaking attorney at Bartlett and Weigle Co, LPA and focuses her practice on immigration law and criminal defense. Anna was born

Marina Bykova

I am a highly-qualified lawyer with a substantial more than 18 years’ experience in European, International, U.S., Russian and Czech Law. My on-goin

  • Immigration Law
  • International Law
  • Corporate Law
  • Foreign Law

Katarina V. Schmidt

Katarina Valentina Schmidt is an Immigration Attorney and owner of her own immigration law firm. She grew up in Columbus, Ohio. Katarina earned her

  • Immigration Law
  • Trusts and Estates

Ronald R. Petroff

Ronald R. Petroff was born in Cleveland, Ohio and graduated high school from the University School in Hunting Valley, Ohio. He attended Vanderbilt Uni

  • Divorce
  • Adoption
  • Elder Law

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How is child support determined in Ohio?

I need to know what a judge will consider when they set a child support amount in my case. I’m self-employed and don’t get a W-2 to prove my income. I make a decent income from my business but I also have a lot of expenses, so I don’t actually take home the total amount I receive from my customers every month. How will my income be determined for a child support calculation? What documents will I have to show the court to prove my monthly business expenses, and will the fact that I have another child that I am paying support for be taken into account?
Published on 03/08/21
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