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Although well known by all for his extremely calm, collected, and friendly demeanor, Walter Zankov is always ready to go to war in the courtroom and s

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Is child abuse a grounds for divorce in Georgia?

My spouse got angry and shook our 14 month old daughter to punish her. She lost control and injured our daughter badly. She’s up now on charges of child abuse and the state has asked me to be a witness to her violent temper. I want to divorce my wife as soon as possible and get my daughter away from any contact with her but I’m told there is a waiting period for divorce. My wife says she won’t agree to the divorce and will never agree to me having sole custody of our daughter. She believes she can beat the criminal charges by saying it was an accident. Can I file for divorce at the Atlanta courthouse based on child abuse and can my wife actually fight that and make it take longer?
Published on 03/08/21
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